Convicted Child Rapist Offers to Castrate Himself for Lesser Sentence

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Notorious convicted child rapist John Burbine has an offer for authorities as he stands ready for sentencing. He’s willing to undergo castration if he gets a lesser sentence.

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Burbine, 49, was handed down 40 life sentences for 100 counts of sexual abuse of children in a Wakefield, Pennsylvania child care facility but is asking for his sentence to be “massively reduced” in exchange for accepting “physical castration.”

Convicted child rapist John Burbine.

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In a court motion Burbine said that physical castration results in “a drastic reduction or complete discontinuation in sexual urges and sexual function, due to the inability to produce testosterone.” He claimed it is “an accepted method of treating certain types of abnormal sexual behavior, such as pedophilia.”

But the request is being criticized by Laurie Myers, an advocate for tougher sex-offender laws.

“That’s going to do nothing to change Mr. Burbine’s mindset. That’s not going to make Mr. Burbine less dangerous because he is attracted to children. That’s how he’s wired,” she said.

However, Dr. Fred S. Berlin, a psychiatrist and director of the Sexual Behavior Consultation Unit at Johns Hopkins University, disagrees.

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“It can be effective in people often with recurring urges to have sex with young children, and by lowering their urges they can better control themselves,” he said to the Boston Herald.

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What do you think? Is physical castration enough of a cure to keep this sicko from harming children in the future? Tell us your thoughts below.

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