O’Reilly Demonstrates Hazards Of “Weakened” Obama

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Well, yesterday we report about O’Reilly ripping into Oprah’s claims of American racism towards the president, and today, he is at it again.  This time, O’Reilly talks about Obama’s “weakened” image, and the threat is poses for our country.

Revealing that, determined by a recent poll, Obama and Obamacare are significantly disapproved of over half of all Americans.


O’Reilly demonstrates that well over half the percentage do not approve of Obama, the job he’s doing, or Obamacare. That being said, he reveals his last poll demonstrating that almost 3/4ths of the nation, want Obamacare to, at least, be postponed for now.

That really isn’t too much of a shock, except for that with a percentage that large, you think the White House would be listening.


The host says that the biggest issue is the fact that 56 percent of citizens believe that health insurance is not the responsibility of the government.

He continues by suggesting that these polls show the doubt in the eyes of the American people and allows Obama’s administration to come “under siege.”


The host credits the recent accusations of misleading unemployment numbers during the election last year to this reasoning. O’Reilly mentions that if this were to be the case, that there would be hell to pay, but suggests that there may be proof “debunking,” the story.

He also mentions that when the president becomes weakened, people to tend to take advantage, both “within the country, and out,” and that there is, “more chaos on the horizon.”

Do you guys think that the failed Obamacare roll-out had displayed Obama as weak?

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