Man Shot In Front Of Security Camera (Graphic)

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Well, good thing there is an all out ban on hand guns in NYC.  The law is clearly working and all criminal activity has ceased – or at least that’s what gun control politicians would like to have you think.

Security camera footage has caught the attempted murder of a man, involved in a disagreement with another man, on tape.

The cameras were rolling when the suspect approached the victim pointing a gun at him.  Without the victim knowing he was under attack, the suspect began pulling the trigger, shooting the victim in the chest.


The man shoots many rounds in effort to kill the victim, but the victim was able to scurry off.

What’s even more frightening is that behind the victim, directly in the line of fire, were two small children.

No one else was hurt, and the victim was taken to Jacobi Hospital in stable condition.

It is reported that the victim is refusing to give his name to authorities because he knew his assailant and admits that the action was a result of their current dispute.

Well, chalk up another point for gun control — not.  People are always going to have guns illegally regardless how strict the gun laws are.

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