Ian Murphy: “F**K The Troops,” And, “Reagan F***S Satan In Hell”

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In an article, about an article, about an article; certain facts come out about a Politico magazine reporter named Ian Murphy, and the belligerent, hard head he really is.

The article that started the feud between writers was titled, “Fuck The Troops,” by Mr. Murphy.  In a long drastic article, Murphy explains why he isn’t, and why you shouldn’t, thank the troops for anything.

He grotesquely informs readers that the public needs to, “Stop sucking off the troops,” and that, “They get enough action raping female soldiers and sodomizing Iraqi detainees.” Murphy also refers to our military men and women as the mafia’s “dumb Guido” hit men – a sad attempt to demonstrate that our soldiers are criminals following a criminal administration.

As offended as everyone else was by the news, Stephen K. Bannon, of Breitbart reveals that Murphy couldn’t possibly be, “certain about particular basic facts surrounding the authorization for the use of combat troops in the Iraq War because,” as Murphy admits, “I was doing a lot of heavy narcotics back in ’03.”

Bannon also points out the fact that employing Murphy is risky, as the newspaper that his articles have been featured in, depend on the monetary support that certain defense contractor’s ads contribute.  In other words, defense contractors make money on war, and a magazine that speaks out against war, probably isn’t the best place to promote its business.
Well, in a temper tantrum like fury, Murphy took to twitter saying, “I love how whenever I do something, a bunch of people attack me for a 5 year-old article they haven’t read. Literally, love it.”

Did he really think something that offensive was going to be forgotten? And what is he trying to prove? That he doesn’t feel that way anymore?

If it is still relevant, then why should it matter when he wrote it?

Anyways, a substantial amount of negative feedback was dealt back to the man possessing the emotional capacity of a three year old — many of which were angry veterans.  Of course, Murphy began to get flustered and instead of reasonable argument, took to spewing profanities.

This could only lead to twitter users asking what his “fascination” with the word was.

Successfully changing the topic of conversation, and allowing the Murphy to further instigate readers, he goes on several hate filled rants including one mentioning that, “Reagan fucks Satan in hell.”

One veteran even responds to Murphy’s question of, “What the fuck have you ever done to protect my free speech?” answering his question with yet another question, asking “besides fight, bleed, and kill those who would rather cut your throat than look at you, for the past 16 years? “

Apparently, even with the veteran giving such a graphic example, Murphy couldn’t wrap his tiny mind around the concept.

I really don’t understand how Murphy doesn’t understand that without our troops bad people would come to America, and try to kill us.

I wonder if people have to speak very slowly to him when they are face to face.

After stirring the pot, Murphy leaves angry readers to brew while he irritatingly states that it’s time to go grocery shopping.

Cowards always seem to run the fastest when they’re losing a fight, don’t they?

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