Massive Manhunt Continues for Paris Shooter

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A manhunt is currently undergoing in search for a gunman who had shot his way into a “Liberation” newspaper office with a pump-action shotgun.

In Paris, France, the man reportedly entered the office where he shot a 27 year old photographer’s assistant.  The man was shot in the stomach and chest, and is currently fighting for his life in critical condition.


A journalist for the news office, Anastasia Vecrin, told reports that, “I was just arriving for work and I saw a man lying on the ground, holding his stomach and with blood everywhere.”

After screaming at a Senior Editor, “Next time, I will not miss you,” the man ran out of the building and disappeared.

Hours later, more reports of gun shots, this time at the headquarters of Societe Generale bank, ran across police radios.  The man was said to have been shooting into the air, or at the upper windows of the building.


The shooter then hijacked a passerby’s car, making the scared victim drive him away from the scene.  The driver said the man made him drive to Champs Elysées, a busy market area, where the man was able to blend into the crowd, and once again, slip away from police.

The man is currently still at large while the manhunt continues.

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