Media Ignores Racist Crime Leaving A White Man Dead (Warning Graphic Video)

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We all know that the mainstream media likes to twist stories in effort to be politically correct, and avoid at all costs, the possibility of being called racist. Still, the lengths to which they go never cease to amaze.

A racially motivated hate crime has resulted in one man dead, and his wife crippled.  According to the victim, Kristina Petree, the event occurred after she had requested a speeding woman slow down while driving through a cross walk at a Kroger grocery store.


The driver then reportedly grabbed the sleeve of Kristina’s shirt, pulled it in through the window, and while on the phone with her boyfriend, ordered him to run her over.

The woman speeding just happened to be black while the, now crippled, woman and her husband, are white – a fact that the “lame” stream media seems to keep under wraps.  Had the races been reversed, it would have hit national headlines by now.

The black male, Montez Hollins, began circiling the parking lot at a very high rate of speed.  Petree said, “We were trying to load our groceries in the car and he kept circling the parking lot like some kind of disgusting shark looking for blood.”


This is when Hollins did the unimaginable and rammed the couple, at 60 mph, pinning them in between two cars.  Petree’s husband, Jason Barry, tried to jump in front of Petree in effort to save her, but the car careened into two other cars and plowed into the couple.

Barry was killed and Petree remained incapacitated with injuries to her torso and legs.  Hollins decided that the vicious act wasn’t enough, stepped out of his vehicle and began hurling insults at the victims as they lay there bleeding and dying – a clear sign of lack of remorse.

The driver was arrested by a Kroger security guard and placed in handcuffs.


After all is said and done, Hollins is now claiming that Barry had threatened HIS life, an accusation he tied to Barry’s concealed handgun.  Petree confirms the gun was never removed from her husband’s holster.

My question is; All this because someone asked that a person slow down when driving around a crosswalk?  The crime seems to have occured because the black woman felt offended by the audacity of the white woman to request such a thing.

Racism or just over the top murder?

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