White House Says Obama Too Busy For 150th Celebration of Gettysburg Address

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While Obama likes to pretend he is somehow “just like” President Abraham Lincoln, on this 150th anniversary of the delivery of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address the President was no where to be found as the Address was celebrated in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Why not? He was “busy” with that “whole website thing,” the White House said.

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Journalist Ron Fournier was curious why Obama was a no show in Gettysburg for the anniversary celebration and took to Twitter to ask the White House why he didn’t show up.

An actor portrays Abe Lincoln at Gettysburg.

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“Curious,” Fournier Tweeted White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer on Nov. 19, “why not honor Gettysburg with a presidential visit?”

Presidential spokesman Pfeiffer replied that the visit didn’t fit into the President’s schedule and that prompted Fournier to ask what was more important than the “Gettysburg anniversary.”

You bandsmen dressed as Civil War soldiers take some off time.

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Pfeiffer must have thought the celebration of one of the most concise, most memorable things ever written by any American President was “funny” because his Tweet in reply smacked of a sardonic demeanor.

Wow. Hilarious.

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The fact is, Obama just didn’t care. Obama thinks far more of himself than being the sort to pay homage to American history. He IS history. He doesn’t observe it… he MAKES it. Just ask his spokesman.

Tell us what you think of this slight to our traditions and history in the comments below.

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