O’Reilly Destroys Oprah’s Claims Of Racism

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Bill O’Reilly hit the nail on the head again – this time about Oprah blaming American citizen’s disapproval of Obama on racism.

In a segment on his show, The O’Reilly Factor, title Talking Points, O’Reilly lights into Oprah’s claims of American bigotry.

O’Reilly really has a way with words, and begins his dialogue by saying how much he respects Oprah and views her as admirable, but quickly gets to his point.

He states that Oprah “has a blind spot when it comes to politics,” and that, in all reality, “Her statement is even more erroneous when you examine recent history.”


O’Reilly takes a deeper look into the matter of why so many people disapprove of the job the Obama is doing saying, that it is a result of his policies.  He does say that there are always going to be that marginal few that remain narrow-minded stating that, “There will always be bigots,” but when you look at the people who actually don’t like Obama, racism isn’t to blame.

He refers to the phenomenon saying that, “She, along with some others, uses a racial prism when analyzing public policy.”  Liberals just can’t seem to pull their head out of the sand long enough to see why no one likes the President.

He offers the proof that no matter what, the President of the United States, whoever it may be at the time, will not be liked by everyone.  George Bush was criticized as well as JFK based on religious factors, yet this goes unnoticed by the race baiters.


O’Reilly brings Harvard University law professor from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Charles Ogletree, onto the show in order to debate the truthfulness of Oprah’s claim.

O’Reilly asks the professor many questions requiring the answers to contain truthful facts rather than imaginative speculation, but the professor cannot deliver.

Asking his feelings on the matter, Ogletree says that Obama “has been attacked by people from start to finish,” regarding his race.  Ogletree brings up matters of his nationality, and religion that people often have a problem with, but can’t offer one example that Obama is disliked by the color of his skin.

O’Reilly swiftly answers by saying, “I reject that. I think it’s basically a policy play,” blaming the president’s actions, or lack thereof, on why his is so disliked.


The professor also seems to the think that Obama has been more senselessly and hatefully criticized than Bush “the younger,” but, yet again, can’t seem to offer proof.  He does refer to the president as the “Teflon Man,” because these acts of ever elusive racism don’t seem to stick to him.

More fitting nicknames titling the president might consist of; “Ignore it until my second term is over,” man, or, “I just learned about it on the news with America,” man.

O’Reilly continues with the facts, even though Ogletree can’t even come up with one, saying, “you just made the point he was elected twice. Black Americans comprise 13 percent of the population,” demonstrating a larger portion of the voting population to be white.


Bill puts the final nail in the coffin when he asks Ogletree to list just one news network that has, “used race to attack President Obama” to which the professor can only offer a vague, “a lot of them.”

Re-confronted, O’Reilly insists that he name just one, to which Ogletree cannot, and offers a repetitive, “a lot of them.”

There you have it – O’Reilly proving that the left’s claims of racism are strictly speculation.  Not only that, but when you look at the facts, the truth speaks for itself.

People just don’t like Obama because his policy stinks, “period.”

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