Conservative College Students Plan A “Catch The Illegal Immigrant” Game

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Students who belong to the Young Conservatives of the University of Texas are under fire recently as their “catch an illegal immigrant” game gains publicity.

According to the group’s chairman, Lorenzo Garcia, the game is meant to be an ice-breaker between student in hopes to “spark conversation,” about immigration reform.


The game works by labeling certain students as illegal aliens, and offers a $25 gift certificate reward to anyone who catches them.

Garcia and his group are gaining a lot of attention, most of which is about the game being viewed in a negative way. Many people have taken to twitter and facebook in efforts to voice their disgust in the game referring to it as either racist, or offensive.


Garcia doesn’t mind a little controversy saying that, “if it gets people talking about it, then we’ve succeeded.”

Garcia has also been both on the campaign for Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, and an intern for Ted Cruz.  Unfortunately for him, others don’t quite feel the same way about his game as he does.


Abbott’s press secretary, Avdial Huerta, has recently announced that, “Our campaign has no affiliation with this repugnant effort,” referring to the game.


This isn’t the first time that the Young Conservatives have been in the spotlight at UT.  Back in September, the group held a bake sale labeling differently priced brownies for people with different races.

The sign was an attempt to demonstrate how much tuition was charged to people of different races, but again caused quite the uproar.  In a tweet labeling a picture of the prices, it says, “If you agree with this, you agree with how the university is admitting students. Please listen to what we’re saying.”


UT administrators later showed their lack of support by calling the bake sale “inflammatory and demeaning.”

Garcia has no worries about protestors as current plans are to just ignore them.

Do you think Garcia went too far, or that people just need to relax?

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