Foreign Doctor Sexually Assaults Patients

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A foreign doctor in Connecticut is in jail on charges of sexual assault.

The Nigerian doctor, Edwin Njoku, is being accused of 20 counts of sexually inappropriate behavior.  The doctor, on occasion, would suggest women have sex with him in order to determine if their pelvic surgery was successful.

Apparently Njoku felt that the normal means of determining this information weren’t sufficient or in-depth enough.

The rape that occurred back in 2011, is what landed the doctor behind bars as one woman accuses him of sexually attacking her. Njoku received a lesser charge of sexual assault after pleading not guilty, but still earned himself 5 years in the big house.


The worst part of the matter here is that after committing the crime, Njoku charged Medicare for the patient’s “visit” which earned him an additional 18 months behind bars.

Writers from attribute the actions of the man to being a foreign national.  He continues by blaming U.S. policy that allows foreign doctors the opportunity to practice in America.  He further makes his point by saying that the requirements of obtaining his doctorate may have been a little less strict back home than it would have been, had he earned it here.

Either way, the doctor is behind bars and no longer running his practice.

New charges are yet to be determined on the other counts of sexual misconduct.

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