Listen: Zimmerman’s Girlfriend’s 911 Call Released

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Yesterday we reported that George Zimmerman had been arrested, but the reasoning behind his arrest was a little hazy.

Police have released the call made to 911 by Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.

Scheibe informs the 911 operator that Zimmerman was smashing her belongings with his shotgun and at one point, had even pointed the weapon at her face.

While in the house, Scheibe continued her dispute with Zimmerman saying things that offered insight into the matter.  Scheibe, talking to Zimmerman, accuses him of breaking her belongings and says, “You point your gun at my fricking face.”


While on the phone with police, Scheibe was forcefully pushed out the door.

Zimmerman then proceeded to lock it behind her. “You kidding me? He pushed me out of my house and locked me out. … He knows how to do this. He knows how to play this game.”

She may have been referring to Zimmerman’s last incident regarding his ex-wife.  Accusations of Zimmerman pointing his gun at his ex-wife were made, but no charges could be filed as there was a lack of evidence.

This is when Zimmerman reportedly barricaded the house and called 911 in order to covey his side of the story.


Zimmerman began the call by saying, “I have a girlfriend, who for lack of a better word, has gone crazy on me.” According to Zimmerman, Scheibe told him that she was pregnant and had decided raise the child on her own.  After hearing this, Zimmerman supposedly turned to walk out the door when the woman, “got mad.” He claims he never raised a weapon to his girlfriend and that she was the one who broke the table.

After hearing Zimmerman’s 991 call, it was thought that Zimmerman’s girlfriend was pregnant during the incident, but Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Dennis Lemma released that she was not.

When the police pulled up, they described Scheibe as being, “very concerned for her own safety especially having the weapon pointed at her and then being pushed out.”

Police gained access to the house with a key Scheibe had on her, and were able to push through the barricades created by Zimmerman.


“Zimmerman was compliant and unarmed when deputies came to the house.”

After the arrest, police got Scheibe’s full statement that said the incident started when Scheibe told Zimmerman to move out.  Apparently, Zimmerman began packing his things when he began to become agitated.  After taking several bags outside, his anger boiled over resulting in him pointing the shotgun as his girlfriend and demanding that SHE leave — which is when she called the police.

Charged with, domestic aggravated assault with a weapon, domestic battery and criminal mischief, Zimmerman is expected to be in court Tuesday afternoon.

Do you think this will be the last we hear of Zimmerman?

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