Zimmerman Threatens PREGNANT Girlfriend With Gun

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Well, George Zimmerman is at it again.

Zimmerman was arrested on Monday after reports of a disturbance led police out to investigate an incident between Zimmerman, and his new live in girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.



Zimmerman has been in the news a few times since the Treyvon Martin case that gained him national notoriety earlier this year.

Zimmerman was pulled over for a speeding violation of 60 in a 40 mph zone — infraction that really shouldn’t be considered news.  Everyone speeds on occasion, but just because he was acquitted of murder means we have to know about his every mistake?


The next time that he was in the news however, was quite relevant as it involved his ex-wife and accusations that he threatened her with a gun.  However, there was a lack of evidence which meant that authorities could not charge Zimmerman.


We now have Zimmerman’s newest criminal activity coming to light.  According to different news organizations, Zimmerman may have had a domestic dispute with his new girlfriend, also involving – you guessed it – his gun.

Investigators have revealed that Scheibe, also happens to be pregnant.


Well it turns out that this time, there may be significant evidence allowing for the courts to charge Zimmerman, as he is currently being held without bail.

It also brings about a whole new set of felony charges for Zimmerman, being that his girlfriend is pregnant.


There seems to be a pattern reoccurring with this man and his gun.  I wonder when authorities will deem him a threat to society and forcefully remove it from his possession.

“Zimmerman was picked up by police in Apopka at the intersection of Topfield Court and Bonnie Drive.”


Reportedly, no one seemed to know that Zimmerman was living in the area.  Many of the neighborhoods residents seem to convey a “who knew” type attitude while others seemed a little shocked.

To be fair though, Zimmerman has lost some of the 100 lbs he gained preceding the Treyvon Martin Case as well as grew out his beard.


One woman says, “I’m in absolute shock. He was never outside. It’s not like he was out flaunting around,” while another woman told reporters that, “It’s kind of frightening.”

“Police will be releasing more information in the coming hours, and the 911 disturbance call will be made public as well.”

I think neighbor Catherine Cantrell summed it up best when she said, “Just when you thought you heard the last of George Zimmerman.”

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