Police Brutality: Handcuffed Teen Boy’s Face Smashed When Cops Taser Him

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A 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy’s face was smashed when police tasered him while he was handcuffed, an incident that the boy’s mother says is evidence of police brutality.

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After being tasered the boy fell to the ground and because he was handcuffed could not use his hands to stop his fall resulting in a broken nose and multiple contusions to his face.

Injuries received by Joseph Williams at the hands of Pennsylvania police.

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The boy, Joseph Williams, ended up with a broken nose, blackened eyes, one of which was nearly swollen shut, and numerous scrapes and bruises to the side of his face.

A photo of the boy was posted to his Mother’s Facebook page. “The picture speaks a thousand words.. They brutally beat him,” Marissa Sargeant said.

“I’m left with a child who’s going to be physically damaged for the rest of his life,” his mother said,” on Facebook.

Williams was picked up for shoplifting at a Walmart in Tullytown Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Police said that they were attempting to load their prisoner into a car when he broke free and ran, even though still handcuffed. When police caught up to him they tased him causing him to fall precipitously to the ground.

Marissa Sargeant feels the police abused her son.

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Ms. Sargeant said that she doubts the story that cops tasered the boy once and he fell. She feels his injuries are proof of more than one incident but of multiple attacks.

She also says that police kept her son from her for an extended period of time obviously trying to keep her from seeing his condition.

So, what do you think? More police brutality? Or did the kid essentially hurt himself by running while handcuffed? Tell us your thoughts below.

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