Caught On Video: Russian Airliner Slams Into Runway Killing All Aboard

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Shocking video has emerged out of Russia showing an a 737 airliner smashing into an airport runway, bursting into flames, and killing all aboard.

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The video taken on November 17 shows the jet diving straight into the tarmac and bursting into a ball of fire at an airport in the Russian city of Kazan–450 miles south east of Moscow.

The plane erupts in a giant fireball as it slams into the runway that dark, deadly night.

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The video was broadcast by Russian television stations throughout the federation.

It has been reported that the crash occurred as the plane was making a second run at landing. It is not yet known if it was pilot error or equipment failure or why the plane was unable to land properly on the first run. It is thought that the fuel tanks exploded.

The 23-year-old plane had been in service with several other airlines before being bought by Tatarstan Airlines in 2008.

The wreckage as seen the next morning.

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The craft has one other accident in its history having been damaged in 2001 in a landing accident in Brazil. No one was injured in the 2001 incident.

DailyMail reports, “The plane, which took off from Domodedovo airport in Moscow, crashed at 7.20pm, or 3.20pm GMT, today, at the airport in Kazan, located in Tatarstan, in the in the west of the country.”

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Authorities report that 44 passengers and six crew members died in the flaming wreck.

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