Married NFL Cheerleader Caught Giving 12-Year-Old Oral Sex In Bathroom

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Ex-NFL cheerleader Elizabeth “Leigh” Garner was convicted of the sexual battery of a 12-year-old boy but has avoided jail time, reports say.

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The ex-Titans cheerleader, 42, pleaded no contest to the charges leveled on her for following the boy into the bathroom of his home, fondling his genitals and offering to perform oral sex on him.

Elizabeth “Leigh” Garner’s mug shot.

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Garner was at the boy’s home in February for a party, reports claim.

Garner was arrested on $30,000 bond and could have faced 30 years in jail. But the married woman was sentenced to 18 months probation with the condition that she submit to a monthly drug test and attend AA meetings twice a week. She must also stay away from the boy and his family.

Garner as a Titans Cheerleader.

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After Garner accosted the boy, he ran out of the bathroom and told his parents. They called police. Garner claimed that she was drunk and mistook the boy for another man who was also at the party.

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Garner gained some small measure of fame for having made the Titans cheerleading team at 38 years of age when all her teammates were in the early 20s. She left the team in 2008.

Thus far her husband is standing by her side and has appeared with her in a video on her personal blog to deny the charges.

Well, what do you think? Was she too drunk to tell a 12-year-old from a grown man? Tell us below.

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