Christian Group Dumps ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Because of His New Business Venture

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Christians have been touting the Duck Dynasty stars as the best thing since sliced bread as far as TV fare goes, but now one Christian group has dropped its association with the Robinson clan because of their new business venture: selling wine.

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Some Christian groups are famous for being against alcohol, certainly, and a Christian at-risk youth group in Tennessee disinvited famed Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson to its fundraiser because the group feels it is a conflict of interest after the Robertsons announced their new wine venture.

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The Robertsons recently introduced their new Duck Dynasty wines called the “Duck Commander” wines. The Robertsons teamed up with Napa winemakers at Trinchero Family Estates to create the new wines.

But this new alcohol venture is a bit much for Family Ministries of Bristol, Tennessee.

“Our greatest responsibility is to the young people we serve. Therefore, we feel that in light of the recent news, to continue with this event would send mixed messages to the young people who go through our Adolescent Drug and Alcohol program,” Derek Bell, director of development for Family Ministries stated. “Our message must be consistent. The lives of those children may well hang in the balance. We certainly apologize to the people who have already purchased tickets, and pray they understand our position.”

The ministry had invited Robertson to a fundraiser for its School Expansion Project, but pulled the invitation.

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The group said they are refunding anyone that wants a refund for the canceled event but they’ve not received any complaints about the cancelled event.

Some are warning the Robertsons that making the wrong business decisions it could really hurt their Christian following.

What do you think? Have the Robertsons made a bad decision, or did the Christian group go too far? You tell us below.

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