Obama Admin. Is Installing Street Lights Equipped with Surveillance Technology

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As each day goes on, we inch closer and closer to total civilian surveillance in the name of security.  As the government insists it is an attempt to thwart potential disasters, many of the American people are distraught by the invasion of privacy.

Fortunately for the government, companies like Illuminating Concepts are around to “help” with this cause enabling safety for all Americans alike, or course in return, the government fills their pockets.

Illuminating Concepts has come out with a product called Intellistreets which seems to look and operate like your standard street light.  Intellistreets offers innovative lighting solutions such as power saving street lights that dim lower when most people are asleep.

It also offers a wireless form of communication between lights that allow the lights to communicate to each other, turning them on or off as the sun rises and sets.


Intellistreets offers other unique accessories like digital banners, and street signs allowing for advertisements or helpful communications to the public, such as detours or amber alerts.


The posts are also integrated with a speaker to their wireless system, allowing for music or advertisements to be played for the enjoyment of the public.


This seems to make me think of a future like that from the movie “V”, where there are screens and speakers everywhere, spouting government propaganda, insisting we submit to their government in the name of safety, but maybe that’s just me.

Here’s where they actual rights have the potential of being infringed.  Illuminating Concepts brags of “Homeland Security” applications and features.

The lights are fitted with microphones that have “voice stress analyzers” but also have the potential to record conversations on the street.  These conversations could then be referred back, by the aforementioned wireless connection between lights, to their central hub for storage.

They can also act as surveillance cameras and have the capability of tracking people via RFID tags.

The company has already secured governmental contracts in cities such as Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Auburn Hills, Asbury Park, and even in arena’s such as the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

These ‘smart’ street lights could be coming to an area near you.

It’s enough that people like Edward Snowden are being marked as traitors for telling the truth as illegal government activity goes on, but the government is going to rely on this kind of technology to further its goal of total surveillance.

This could potentially allow for people in high enough power to run things as they see fit, as almost every action would be recorded if this agenda is allowed to proceed.  This would allow for any recording to possibility be used for personal gain in the form of blackmail and seems like a potential outcome.

To the many of us who already feel our liberties are being trampled upon, this kind of technology has to go, but to the others who view it as an act to ensure security and safety, where does it end? Will it ever cross the line?

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