Obama Admin. Hands Out Pamphlet: “What To Do When The Veteran In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting”

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Update: Since the original posting of this article, we learned that the original news source that posted this story was not an actual news site but a satirical site. However, the fact that this story is believable, on its face, says something about our government and the society in which we now live. 

Veterans all across the country are upset with the news that a new pamphlet has been circulated by the Department of Education titled, “What To Do When The Veteran In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting.”

The veterans are taking the stance that this makes it look like “all veterans are PTSD-crazed cauldrons of rage”.

The Department of Education is rationalizing the debate by saying there are other pamphlets like “What To Do When The Hispanic In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting,” “What To Do When The Gay Student In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting,” and “What To Do When The Special-Needs Child In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting.”

This does not mean that everyone with these specific lifestyles or disabilities targeted by these pamphlets have the potential or desire to commit a mass shooting, but are more of a just-in-case type of reading material.

They also offer the comfort that the pamphlets were written by retired Marine “Gunner” with tactical and weapons training. However, these condolences aren’t satisfying the agitated veteran population.

A representative for the Veterans of Foreign Wars states that the pamphlets are incredibly frustrating.

The pamphlet comes off as offensive right off the bat by saying, “The first thing is not to panic. The fact that this asshole isn’t working for Academy or Triple Canopy probably means he can’t hit the broadside of a barn. It really is no wonder here why the vets are upset. The pamphlet goes on to list several asinine recommendations towards disarming or escaping the gunman.”

What do you think; do you think our vets deserve a little more respect than this?

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