Woman Bares Breasts to Protest Airport TSA Check

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We are all used to it by now. Taking off shoes, belts, emptying our pockets, tearing apart our laptop cases, submitting to x-ray scans, all just to get on an airplane in the USA. Well these women have had enough and in protest to the invasive security checks one took off everything and bared her breasts to the TSA.

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What is seen on the video is three women, all of whom seem to know each other, going through the regular procedure of taking off shoes, belts and the like.

Woman bares all for the TSA

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One woman leaves the frame for a while and the two left seem to be talking to each other. The woman on the left of the screen then suddenly strips off everything and throws her arms in the air as the other obviously grinning woman gets down to her bra but seems hesitant to go further.

A host of TSA agents come running over to the woman pointing and yelling at her.

Then, the third woman comes rushing back into the frame and tries to cover up the bared woman. It is obvious she is apologizing to the TSA.

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It may be funny, sure, but it is a protest against all this nonsense, regardless. What do you think? Effective, or just a diverting video that won’t change anything? Tell us below.

(H/T LiveLeak)

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