Police Brutality: Petite Woman’s Face Shattered After Cops Throw Her Into Concrete Bench

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A woman weighing a mere 110 pounds was injured by police so badly, that she needed facial reconstructive surgery.

The incident, which happened in Skokie, Illinois, and was caught on video.

The shocking footage shows the woman being thrown, face first, into a bench inside a jail cell. After doing this to the woman, the police say reportedly false statements on camera to justify their brutal actions.

In the video, the woman does nothing to provoke the cops and shows no aggression. Why they attacked is unclear at this time.

The man who roughly shoved the woman into the cell was Skokie Officer Michael Hart. He is much bigger than the woman, and used both hands to shove the petite woman onto a cement bench. This was what resulted in her face being shattered.

After the woman’s head started bleeding profusely, the cops panicked. One officer held her on the floor as a pool of blood spread out all over the floor.

Hart, however, seemed to have no remorse for his actions.

See the footage of the incident here:

Your thoughts on this situation? Do you think this is a case of police brutality? Tell us in the comments section below.

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