Three Penn. Prison Guards Organize Inmate Fights for Entertainment

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Three York County, Pennsylvania prison guards stand accused of arranging inmate fights for entertainment. Prizes were reportedly extra food and other privileges.

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Officers David Michael Whitcomb, 28, Mark Andrew Haynes, 26, and Daniel H. Graff, 37, have been suspended as the investigation into their conduct is carried out.

The entertainment fights between inmates was discovered during a separate investigation into graffiti at the prison.

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“Earlier this year, while conducting an unrelated investigation into pen/marker graffiti and other minor vandalism inside an area of the facility, prison administration learned of possible unprofessional conduct by three corrections officers. Management immediately began an internal investigation,” the press release said. “Based on evidence obtained during the internal investigation, the three officers were placed on unpaid administrative leave and the matter was turned over to the Pennsylvania State Police for further investigation and possible criminal charges. The York County Prison and its staff actively cooperated with the State Police investigation.”

The officers are said to have gotten inmates to engage in the “retard Olympics” to win extra food, snacks or coffee.

One inmate that they “had to perform ‘stupid stuff for food and coffee.’ Another inmate said he agreed to be sprayed in the face with pepper spray foam for coffee, which he never received.”

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The officers, however, claim that all the accusations are false. Officer Graff said the incidents “never happened.”

Officer Whitcomb said, “I did not participate in any of it, and I did not witness any of this. There is no physical evidence, no medical records. They didn’t file any complaints when it was supposed to have happened. This is all on the word of an inmate. It blows my mind.”

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