Man With Cancer Dropped From Health Insurance Over Obamacare

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When foisting Obamacare on the American people, Obama and the Democrats made two promises: if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and your costs will go down. Anybody with an ounce of rationality and economic common sense knew that this was a lie. Michael Cerpok, of Arizona, has been the unfortunate man to prove all of the lies behind Obamacare.

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Michael Cerpok always knew that there was a threat hanging over him. Because of a history of cancer in his family, there was a real possibility that he would get cancer. That possibility became a reality in 2006, when he was diagnosed with an incurable form of leukemia. While it wasn’t curable, it was treatable, so that he could continue to live and, most importantly, to work.

Michael, a high school drop-out, has made a living for the past twenty-five years by running two businesses. Because of this, he was able to get insurance. In 2006, that insurance proved to be a lifesaver: Although his treatment cost $350,000, he paid only $4,500 out of pocket and got access to a doctor at the Mayo Clinic. His insurance costs a fortune, but his two jobs covered the premiums.

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Now, thanks to Obamacare, his insurer was able to do what it’s probably wanted to do for a long time: it dropped him. Because of Obamacare, however, even though he has a pre-existing condition, Cerpok cannot be denied coverage in the exchange.

The big question for Cerpok is whether he can afford coverage under the exchange. Before Obamacare, his annual deductible was $4,500 and he got a specialist at the Mayo Clinic for his special leukemia. Thanks to Obamacare, if he tries to see his specialist, his annual deductible will be $26,000.

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Cerpok and his wife are still shopping around, and they’re recognizing that, in order for him to stay alive, she may need to get a second job and he may need to get a third.

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