GRAPHIC VIDEO: NJ Police Make Attack Dog Violently Maul Man

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An outrageous and graphic video shows half a dozen thug police in Atlantic City, New Jersey beating a 20-year-old kid and then unleashing a police attack dog on him after he was already subdued, on the ground and handcuffed.

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The victim, David Castellani, was thrown out of an Atlantic City casino for being underage and while he was standing outside, four police officers accosted him immediately throwing him to the ground, beating him, and putting knees on his neck. But it was what happened after a K-9 officer drove up that horrified Castellani’s parents.

Without even assessing the scene K-9 Officer Sterling Wheaten unleashed his dog on the young man as he was on the ground, already subdued.

The vicious dog mauled the 20-year-old in the neck, face and back of the head.

Surveillance Tape showing half a dozen police subdue one 20-year-old

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It has since been discovered that Officer Wheaton has been accused in three other cases of doing stuff just like this.

As the young man’s parents watched the video, they were horrified by what they saw.

“They’re just here standing around looking at him, like he’s a piece of meat,” Atlantic City Press said that his mother, Terri, said.

The youngster needed more than 200 stitches to close up the wounds made by the beast.

When David’s mom got to the hospital the sight was almost too much for her. “It was the most horrific sight I’d ever seen,” she said. “I never expected to walk into what I did.”

Police claim that David was “resisting arrest” and had “assaulted a police officer and police dog.” The tape pretty clearly shows that he was standing alone for several minutes yelling at cops who were across the street before they descended upon him like a gang of thugs.

David Castellani’s shocked and dismayed parents

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Atlantic City Police Chief Ernest Jubilee confirmed that the incident is being investigated by internal affairs.

The young man’s father noted to Channel 10 news that he is himself a lawyer and has represented and defended police officers in the past. One would suspect he’ll never make that mistake again.

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So, what do you think? Is this yet another example of the sort of police brutality that we are seeing daily as our so-called police are growing ever more disdainful of all our rights and ever more arrogant under the mounting police state under which we live? If you agree tell us, but if you disagree, we’d like to hear that as well. Please make use of the comments section.

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