Jesse Ventura Running For President With Howard Stern

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Jesse Ventura and Howard Stern recently revealed plans for a 2016 presidential run on Stern’s radio show.

Imagine it: Ventura-Stern 2016.

Ventura claims that he is 100% serious about a presidential run with Stern as his VP.

It could be a perfect match; Ventura refuses to take money from special interest groups, so he can utilize the $100 million that Stern’s radio show makes each year. Not surprisingly, Stern will be in charge of fundraising.

Another plus for the duo is that Stern could continue to do his radio show throughout the campaign, giving their ticket amazing publicity. FCC rules require most candidates to quit any broadcasting jobs prior to launching their campaigns, but satellite radio does not have to abide by those rules. (For all of you who do not know, Stern’s show is on satellite radio.)

Ventura maintains that Stern is the perfect VP pick and is one of the smartest people he has ever met. Both have been known for their libertarian-leaning views.

They could very well take the official Libertarian Party nomination, like Gary Johnson did during the 2012 election cycle.

Stern is a media man, but does have some experience in politics; he ran for Governor of New York as a libertarian.

Of course, Ventura has plenty of experience in politics from his days as Minnesota’s governor.

(H/T: InfoWars)

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