Saturday Night Live Skewers Obamacare

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Saturday Night Live did a fairly good job skewering several aspects of President Obama’s disastrous healthcare plan, Obamacare, this weekend. From allowing lazy 25-year-olds lounge around the house staying on their parent’s healthcare plans to a stream of idiots that haven’t a clue what Obamacare is even all about, this skit had it all.

One thing is sure, few people in America have any clue what Obamacare is, what it does, and how it will affect us all. In fact even the Democrats that shoved this lie-filled, tax raising, jobs and healthcare killing bill down our throats really don’t know much about it.

Like Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi said, they had to pass it to find out what’s in it. And yet, we still don’t know all that’s in it.

But we do know that jobs have been lost, salaries have been cut and hours have been lost due to this monstrous Big Government intrusion into our lives.

ANd THAT isn’t funny at all.

But what is interesting is that SNL feels it is safe to start making fun of Obamacare for its failures and mistakes already. That can’t be a good sign for the extremist, left-wingers that love this un-American law.

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