Obama: GOP is Scared Because People Will LOVE Obamacare

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Even as Obamacare is already failing to meet almost every deadline and the President himself is exempting unions, his big business buddies and Congress from having to live with the law themselves, Obama is claiming that it is the GOP that is scared, scared that the people will love Obamacare once they get a taste of it.

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In a recent appearance Obama made the claim that people can get “quality” healthcare for less than their cell phone bills–an outright lie, that is–and said that the GOP is running scared.

Of course, the fact is polls show that more Americans do not like Obamacare than like it.

On the video Obama can be seen saying:

“And part of what I think the resistance that we’ve seen ramp up particularly over the last couple of months is all about is the opponents of health care reform know they’re going to sign up. In fact, one of the major opponents, when asked, well, why is it that you’d potentially shut down the government at this point just to block Obamacare, he basically fessed up. He said, well, once consumers get hooked on having health insurance and subsidies, then they won’t want to give it up. (Laughter.) I mean, that’s–you can look at the transcript. This is one of the major opponents of health care reform. It is an odd logic. Essentially they’re saying people will like this thing too much and then it will be really hard to roll back.”

President Obama speaking at the troubled Clinton Global Initiative charity

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The President was speaking at a forum hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative, an organization that itself has come under severe fire for wasting millions of dollars on perks and travel costs for the Clintons and their cronies and spending almost nothing on the actual causes it claims to support.

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But you tell us. Are you looking forward to this great healthcare plan and its death panels? Tell us in the comments.

Please Sign The Petition To Repeal Obamacare: CLICK HERE.
Please Sign The Petition To Repeal Obamacare: CLICK HERE.

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