Was British-Born, White Muslim Convert Terrorist Killed in Kenyan Mall Attack?

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Well, maybe one tiny bit of good news came out of the despicable attack on a Kenyan shopping mall over the weekend. The notorious terrorist the “White Widow” might have been killed by Kenyan forces during the attack. Sources are all over the map on this claim of the demise of the White Widow, but fingers are crossed that she was finally despatched during this assault.

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The White Widow is one Samantha Lewthwaite who was married to black Muslim Jermaine Lindsay, one of those was responsible for the 7/7 bombing in Britain that killed 56 people. She is a white, British-born convert to Islam that disappeared after her husband killed himself with the suicide bombing in 2005.

After the 7/7 bombing, Lewthwaite disappeared and authorities think she went to Tanzania in 2011. She has been linked to terrorism since.

Samantha Lewthwaite, the “White Widow”

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As the results of the attack at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi are investigated more will come out, but thus far there are reports that among the dead terrorists is a white woman–and not in a victim role but as one of them.

Some reports have emerged saying that the dead white, female terrorist is Lewthwaite but confirmation is not quite had on this. Other reports say that it is just another victim that lying dead was with them and not one of the terrorists.

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In fact, as soon as the press started reporting that it might be Lewthwaite the terrorists sent out a Tweet that said she was still alive and with them. This, however, is no assurance of truth because these terrorists lie all the time in these cases.

The final tally of those killed by the terrorists seems to stand a 62 dead and currently 65 being treated for wounds.

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Anyway, let’s hope that the “White Widow” is, indeed, dead. What do you folks think? Tell us in the comments below.

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