New Study Shows Where America’s Racists Live

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A new study by the University of Rochester took a look at racism in different parts of the country and policies like affirmative action. The study’s authors asked 39,000 southern whites if they were a Republican or Democrat, and then asked them about their views on blacks.

The study concluded that the “slavery effect” still exists in the South among people who live in areas where large cotton plantations, run by slave workers, used to be. Here is a map showing the most “racist” areas of the country:


The study also concluded that people who live in these areas are racist Republicans. These people oppose affirmative action, the authors assert.

Matthew Blackwell, one author of the study, said, “In political circles, the South’s political conservatism is often credited to ‘Southern exceptionalism,’ but the data shows that such modern-day political differences primarily rise from the historical presence of many slaves.”

The study concludes that if slavery had not existed, the South would be much more liberal in politics (like the current North).

Good grief.

This simplistic study is a mere excuse to call Republicans racists. To only “examine” 39,000 people and then make large, sweeping statements about the entire south is disgusting and inaccurate.

And maybe if the study’s authors took the time to ask these individuals why they oppose affirmative action, they would get more insight.

Affirmative action is a form of racism. These policies, intended to benefit minority students in the United States, only feed into the same racist machine that they are supposed to counteract. Well-intentioned affirmative action measures are inherently racist by giving benefits based on skin color, not merit. Such policies are divisive rather than uniting, and lead to perpetual victimhood. Affirmative action was needed in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but now these policies unnecessarily treat today’s minorities as victims.

But predictably, the liberal mainstream media has jumped on this simple study, not bothering to look deeper into the matter or really investigate the study’s methods.

Liberal Huffington Post took a look at the study and proclaimed, “150 years has done little to shift anti-black attitudes in the some parts of the country.”

When will mainstream “journalists” learn to do their jobs and actually investigate important issues?

I won’t hold my breath.

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