Video: Florida Police Officer Runs Over And Kills A Man… For A Traffic Violation

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(WARNING: Disturbing imagery and strong language.)

Marlon Robert Brown, 38, was driving along a road in DeLand, Florida, without wearing a seat belt. This act led to his death, but not for the reason you’re thinking. It wasn’t the missing seat belt that killed him, it was the fact that he ran away on foot from pursuing officers, one of whom ran him over.

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When police officers saw that Brown was driving without a seatbelt, they signaled that he should pull over. Brown, a felon, did pull over but, instead of waiting for the police, he took off on foot. The police gave chase.

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When Brown hit a rough field, he slipped and fell. Police Officer James Harris, who seems temporarily to have forgotten the difference between humans and cars when it comes to speed, power, and stopping distance, continued forward and drove right over Brown, killing him. The dash cam video shows the moment of impact, followed by the officers’ cross talk.

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The police department fired Harris, saying that his conduct was a “violation in police pursuit policy.” The City of DeLand also paid Brown’s wife $550,000 as compensation for his wrongful death. In addition, Brown’s family has hired Benjamin Crump, the same attorney who has been representing Trayvon Martin’s family. They are currently agitating for a fuller investigation.

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Those who have watched the above video have been divided in their responses. Some think it was a police execution, others think that, when a felon runs, even if he is running away from police, not toward them (which makes police fear for their lives), he deserves whatever happens to him. What do you think?

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