Even The Associated Press Doesn’t Believe Obama’s Lies Anymore

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One of the most powerful propaganda vehicles for the Left has been the rise of so-called Fact Checkers. With few exceptions, these fact checkers are Progressive ideologues who position themselves as a voice of objective authority, and then proceed to explain away Democrat factual misstatements while quibbling endlessly with Republican opinions. Given this history, you know things are going really badly for Barack Obama if an Associated Press (AP) fact-checker savages the two key statements Obama made in his speech on Tuesday night in which he insisted that Americans need to attack Syria immediately after a long and thoughtful Congressional debate.

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Calvin Woodward is brutal in his assessment of Obama’s speech, noting that two of Obama’s pivotal factual statements are either un-provable or untrue. Obama’s first problem comes with his statement that “the facts cannot be denied” that Assad launched the gas attack against Syrian citizens. Woodward points out that the problem with this statement is that Obama’s authority is satellite imagery no one has seen and transcripts no one has read. Obama also cited a casualty number triple that of other sources. Even Obama – the Harvard trained lawyer — should realize that his say-so does not constitute “facts.”

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Woodward also takes Obama to task for his statement that he possesses absolute authority to launch an attack. According to Woodward, who offers a little history primer, Congress and the President have been in an endless tug-of-war about which branch possesses the power to authorize military strikes.

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In the old days, AP would have said that there’s a quibble between the two branches of government, but that there’s no doubt that the executive branch can and has ordered specific military strikes. Nowadays, though, Obama has been so devalued, even the AP refuses to accept his conclusions as true.

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