2 Million Bikers In DC Protesting Muslim Rally & Honoring Victims Of 9/11

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A massive group called 2 Million Bikers is in DC to remember the victims of 9/11.

The group is also there to protest the fact that a large group of Muslims will be protesting in DC today as well. As reported by TIME, “A second, more controversial purpose of the ride is to protest a permit issued to another group — the American Muslim Political Action Committee — to rally on the National Mall today to protest public backlash against Muslims since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Called the Million American March Against Fear, it’s being billed as: “A Historic Event for Solidarity of Humanity to Establish Peace, harmony and Justice through a Civil Rights Movement.””

How self-righteous — instead of coming together to remember the victims of 9/11, this group of Muslims is using this day to draw attention to themselves.

Good grief.

Thank goodness the patriotic bikers are in DC. Here are some photos and videos from the massive protest:


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