Thousands of Patriotic Bikers Descend On Washington D.C. For The “2 Million Biker March” On September 11

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In response to the planned Million Muslim March, a planned grievance-fest set for September 11 in Washington, D.C., America’s bikers rallied to bring 2 million bikers to Washington, on the same day. The bikers have persevered even though D.C. refused to issue them a permit (but it did give the thinly attended Muslim March a permit). The bikers haven’t met their 2 million goal, but they are already descending on Washington, D.C., in the tens of thousands.

We don’t have video yet of this event, but there are starting to be photos showing the unprecedented, amazing cavalcade of patriotic bikers heading to the nation’s capital. We don’t expect the mainstream media to cover this story, so it’s up to us, the American people, to make sure that America knows that patriotism still matters and that September 11 is a holiday commemorate both America’s great loss and America’s greatness.

Please pass this on. We’ll update as we get more information. If you have photos or videos, please email them to [email protected], and we’ll see that they get published:

Bikers preparing to head to D.C.

Bikers heading for D.C.

Bikers heading to D.C.

Bikers riding to D.C.

Bikers descending on Obama and Biden

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