Miley Cyrus Slaps A Dancing Midget’s Butt And Wags That Tongue Again On TV

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Maybe Miley Cyrus was onto something when she titled her newest song (which is doing well on the charts) “We Can’t Stop.” She started her promotional blitz by disgusting most of America when she went onto MTV’s Video Music Awards to slap the butt of a giant transvestite and twerk her own butt against singer Robin Thicke, all the while wagging that bizarrely long, seemingly self-propelled. She should have stopped right there.

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Cyrus slapping transvestite's butt at MTV's Video Music Awards
Cyrus slapping transvestite’s butt at MTV’s Video Music Awards

Instead, Cyrus has embarked on a Second Act of grotesqueries, this time in Europe. She appeared on a German game show called Schlag den Raab, performing with a band entirely made up of little people (or, depending on your degree of political correctness, “midgets” or “dwarfs.”) Frankly, the band wasn’t bad.

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Cyrus's self-propelled tongue, the one with a (gross) life of its own
Cyrus’s self-propelled tongue, the one with a (gross) life of its own

What was dreadful was Cyrus. Her singing, which sounded seriously dubbed, wasn’t the problem. The problem was when she butt slapped one of the little people (at the 2-minute, 15-second mark) and engaged in a tongue-wagging moment with another one of the little people (at the very end of the video).

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Miley's shocking "twerking" at MTV's Video Music Awards
Cyrus’s shocking “twerking” at MTV’s Video Music Awards

It’s sad that Cyrus has such low self-esteem that she feels her talent alone (and she is talented) is insufficient for her to make her mark. That’s her problem, though. Our problem is that she’s turning her self-esteem issues into performance art. Fortunately, polling teenagers (we live surrounded by them) has revealed that, rather than being impressed by Cyrus’s “transgressive” behavior, most teens are as disgusted as everyone else.

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