HIV-Positive Man Has Sex With 16 Year-Old Girl & Infects Her, Then Asks Her To “Sleep Around” So Others Suffer Too

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Evil does exist. We know that because we sometimes see people who are truly evil. One of these people is the 32-year-old British man who slept with four women, without telling them that he was HIV positive and without taking any steps to protect them from the virus. Worse, he encouraged the youngest of these women, who was only 16 when they met, to “sleep around” in the hope that she would spread the illness to others.

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The man, whose name cannot be made public for legal reasons, is currently being tried in Leicester Crown Court on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm between 2006 and 2010. The girlfriend who 16 when they met (when he was 26), told the court that they stopped having protected sex a few months into the relationship because he told her he wanted to have a baby with her.

They eventually had a son, although the relationship soured when the man became “violent and aggressive.” The woman returned to college and often came home to discover man entertaining other women, whom he claimed were “just friends.” After a year, the man showed signs of a sexually transmitted disease, which he blamed on the women. It was then that the women learned that the man was HIV positive and that he had infected her.

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And that’s where an ordinary sordid story takes a bizarre turn. According to the woman, “I was very surprised and puzzled because I had been living with this man for two years and he never mentioned it at all to me. He said he had told me, and I said ‘No, you did not.’ That is something that is so important. He didn’t seem fazed by it. It did not surprise him.”

The woman stayed with the man because she believed that her child needed the stability of a two-parent home. Eventually, though, she simply couldn’t maintain a life with him.

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And this is where a he said/she said story from a broken relationship takes a turn into pure evil. If the woman’s testimony is to be believed, before they separated, he asked her to “sleep around and give it to other people.” He explained away this evil request by telling the woman that “This was so it would not just be us that were HIV positive. He believed that he had done nothing wrong or anything to get the virus. He believed he should not have the virus so he should spread it.”

What make the woman’s testimony credible is that, after he broke up with her, he went on to another woman and engaged in unprotected sex with her. His explanation was that he “could not use condoms.” She eventually got an anonymous phone call telling her she should take an HIV test if she was having sex with the man.

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The day before this second woman’s results were due to come back, the man finally admitted that he was indeed HIV positive. The next day, the woman discovered that he had infected her.

The man slept with two other women without informing them about his HIV status but they, fortunately, did not get infected. The prosecutor summed up the man’s behavior to the court as “utterly selfish, showing callous disregard and recklessness towards them [the four women] and their well-being. Having unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive is a bit like Russian Roulette. You might be lucky and might not get it . . . or you might.”

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The trial continues. Based upon the evidence presented, including the fact that the man and the two infected women all had distinct and related HIV strains, we would be shocked if the man was not convicted.

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