Gun-Loving, “Libtard” Hating Police Chief Suspended For Viral Videos

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VIDEO CONTENT WARNING: Profanity, and lots of it

Gilberton, Pennsylvania, is a very small town (pop. 834) with a Police Chief who is not a shy guy. Mark Kessler ran into trouble in July when it turned out that he had published to YouTube obscenity-laden rants against gun control, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, the United Nations, and liberals generally.

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Apparently there’s no question about Kessler’s actual qualifications to do his job. When the videos first emerged early this summer, Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon was willing to stand by him. Talking to TheBlaze in July, she said that she believed that the videos were a free speech issue. Moreover, she said that, when it comes to his job, ”If you were in trouble, he’s the kind of guy you would want by your side, protecting you. He’s a no-nonsense police officer.”

Still, in the following series of videos, all of which contain profanity, Kessler can also be seen to be a very angry man. He waves a machine gun,; calls liberals “libtards” and suggests that they should “take it in the a**;” hurls insults at John Kerry, the UN, and liberals; and conducts a pistol safety class, wearing his uniform and using a maddened clown as the target, except that he calls the clown Nancy Pelosi:

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When the videos first surfaced, the town voted to put Kessler on 30-day suspension while it considered what to do about him. On Friday, when the suspension was to expire, the Gilberton town council voted again, this time to put Kessler on indefinite leave, without pay, while they consider his employment contract (which runs through December 2015).

Gilberton residents are split on what to do with Kessler. What do you think? Is this a free speech matter or has Kessler conducted himself in a way that is inconsistent with his job as police chief?

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