Texas Townhall Rings With Calls for Obama’s Impeachment

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Congressman Michael Burgess got a bit more than he bargained for when he went back home to Texas and held a townhall for constituents as the event rang out with calls for Burgess to file impeachment charges against Obama.

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Burgess is the Congressman for the 26th Congressional District in Texas, a district that encompasses Fort Worth and Dallas in north central Texas quite near the Oklahoma border.

During the townhall a young man came to the mic and said that Obama has committed dozens of abuses including circumventing Congressional authority. He also cited the NSA spying. The young man then reminded the Congressman that he took an oath of office to defend the Constitution and then asked, “Why haven’t you filed to impeach the president yet?”

Burgess answered by noting that back in the 90s Clinton’s impeachment did not go well and back then the GOP had even more power than it does today.

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“To what end, are you asking that to happen?” Burgess asked his constituent.

The young man repeated his question asking why Burgess hasn’t filed articles for impeachment.

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Burgess ultimately told his audience that filing impeachment charges would be a waste of time. Such charges would throw Washington into chaos and they wouldn’t succeed anyway.

So, what do you think? Did the Congressman answer correctly when he pointed out that filing impeachment charges probably wouldn’t do much good? Or is he wrong that Obama should be impeached?

Tell us below.

(H/T The Western Center for Journalism)

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