How A Nice Catholic Girl in Michigan Became A Middle Eastern Sex Slave

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Her’s is a horrible story, a two-year-long hell, but one that is worth retelling as a cautionary tale to western women. It is the story of a 15-year-old, white, American Catholic girl that became a sex slave to men of Middle Eastern descent in the 1980s. And it happened right there in the USA.

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Theresa Flores was raised in a nice, well-off, Catholic family but in a move in 1980 to an affluent suburb of Detroit she found a hell that has troubled her for her entire life and now she is opening up to talk about it.

Flores was obviously a vulnerable young teenager, new to her high school after a life of constantly moving from place to place. She didn’t make friends easily and was shy.

Still, as a curious person, she became intrigued by the Iraqi kids she met in her new school. They were interesting, exotic, and were of the Chaldean sect of Iraqi Catholics. She imagined that they were somehow like her because they shared Catholicism. She was soon to learn just how wrong she was.

Theresa Flores at 15

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She met a boy named Daniel who was always well dressed, had his own car, and seemed to be a hip, popular boy. And Daniel began to notice her, too.

After numerous flirtations, one day as school ended, Daniel asked to drive Theresa home. That was when her hell began.

Daniel drove the girl to his own home instead of hers and convinced her to come inside for a soda. The drink, of course was drugged.

Theresa Flores today

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As the drug took effect, Daniel and his cousins raped her and took incriminating photos of her.

Later Theresa was told that if she didn’t do what she was told they would give her parents the photos and she would be disgraced before her family. Theresa believed the ploy and from there was ushered into a world of constant rape and torture as she was for two long years sold to several men every night–and almost always men of Middle Eastern descent.

Eventually Theresa’s family again moved away to a new city as her father’s job changed and the torture finally stopped but it took many years for her to tell her parents of her years of abuse.

Theresa now works as an activist to stop the trafficking of sex slaves in America and throughout the world.

This is not uncommon in the west as men of Middle Eastern descent gather to perpetrate such crimes. For instance, we’ve talked of cases like this in Britain where white, British girls are “groomed” for the sex trade by Muslim men. But it happens in every western country where Muslims congregate.

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The sad fact is that the culture in Islamic parts of the world maintains that women are chattel, third class citizens that are below the status of animals, and therefore can be treated in any way that men desire. Western women are advised to be warned of this fact.

So, tell us. Have you heard of stories like this or does it surprise you?

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