Muslim Viciously Burns Daughter To Death Because Of Her Facebook Relationships

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A lot of parents have problems with the time their children spend using social media and with the content of their communications. One Jerusalem Muslim opted for an extreme way response to his belief that his daughter teenage daughter had romantic relationships with men she met through Facebook: he set her on fire and watched as she stumbled off a rooftop to her death. That’ll teach her not to stain his honor.

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Yesterday, the Jerusalem District Attorney filed murder charges against Sliwan, 53. The indictment alleges that, when Sliwan discovered that his 17-year-old daughter had boyfriends she met through Facebook, he felt that she had dishonored him and her family. His daughter was living in a woman’s hotel at the time. When she told him during a phone call that she had several debts, he told her to come home.

Eventually, the teen’s mother and brother added to the pressure, and she agreed to visit for a short time during Ramadan. Before she left, she told several friends, as well as the hostel counselor, that she was worried about her safety.

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Meanwhile, the indictment states, Sliwan bought a bottle of flammable liquid for the specific purpose of murdering his daughter. When she arrived home, he invited her to the rooftop for a barbeque, poured the flammable liquid all over her, and set her afire.

Enveloped in flame, the teen jumped up and staggered around the roof. When she reached the roof’s edge, she lost her balance, and fell to her death.

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An “honor” culture makes malignant narcissism the norm. For the head of a family in such a culture, when people deviate from the standard, the family head feels personally besmirched, and can expunge that stain only by murdering the person who put it there. In Muslim culture, the primary “besmirchers” are wives and daughters who appear in any way to be expressing their femininity, all of which threatens Islam’s tight control over women.

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