Check Out The Largest Caliber Rifle In The World

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If you like your bang sticks, try this .905 caliber rifle, sold as the largest caliber rifle in the world. It has a kick so strong that it simply cannot be fired off-handed and must be bench fired.

The big iron was made by Ohio-based SSK Industries and packs a wallop both on the range and in the wallet.

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The monstrous bullet this piece fires costs about $40 a shot and is made up of 2,400 grains of lead and 240 grains of smokeless powder. When fired it flies at about 2,100 feet per second. The bullet is “25,400 foot pounds of muzzle energy and recoil is 277 foot pounds of recoil energy which is like firing ten thirty aught sixes at one time,” said Dave Fricke of Millennium Manufacturing.

If you are going to fire this puppy, you’d better be ready for a shoulder bruise that’ll last a few days.

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For a little comparison, a typical sniper round weighs about 200 grains of lead, but THIS thing is made of 2,40 grains of lead!

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Of course, this rifle is over kill, if you’ll excuse the pun. This rifle is useless for practically everything a gun could be used for. But it isn’t its utility that it was created for. It was created for the novelty of it all. This rifle can’t be used in hunting or even war, granted, but firing a nearly thousand caliber gun? That is just plain fun for many.

So, what do you think? Would this be fun to fire? Tell us below.

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