Kidnapped Girl Kept In 4-Foot Metal Box, Used As Sex Slave By Pot Farmers

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A 15-year-old Los Angeles girl was kidnapped in April — no one knew where she was or if she was even alive.

A month later, she was found in Northern California, being used as a sex slave and being kept in a 4-foot metal box on a marijuana farm.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The kidnappers were 30-year-old Ryan Balletto and 25-year-old Patrick Pearmain. They own a marijuana operation in Lake County.

They often forced the kidnapped girl to work on their marijuana farm. At all times when she was not working, she was kept in the metal box. The dimensions of the box were 4 by 2 feet and it was a metal toolbox. The men had punched holes into the metal box so that the girl was able to breathe. There was also a blanket in it with her.

Balletto said the girl was a “trooper” because she did not scream while in the box.

The girl was found on May 1 when she called the police from a cell phone. Officials tracked the call to a motel in Sacramento. Police were able to get there before the two men left — both were arrested on the spot, and the girl was put in a safe place with police.

The real shock, however, came when police raided Balletto’s marijuana farm and home. There they found “the largest and most sophisticated bulk of weapons seized in recent history.” Most of the firearms they found were loaded. The stash included 22 firearms, high-powered military snipers, and assault rifles. Also on the farm was more than 1,400 marijuana plants and $4,000 in cash. 

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Near the metal toolbox that the girl was kept in, a wooden rack and a noose (both used for sexual bondage) were discovered.

In a written statement, US Attorney Melinda Haag said, “Unfortunately, this case illustrates what we in law enforcement see – marijuana grow operations that include heavily armed, violent individuals, motivated by profit, carrying out abuse of vulnerable victims.”

These sick men deserve to be locked up for a loooonnnng time.

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