Media Blackout: Gang Hunts “Whites” In Cincinnati

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On July 8, police in Cincinnati, Ohio arrested a group of black youths after a four day campaign of hunting down and terrorizing whites in the city’s downtown section during the Independence Day holiday. Have you heard this story in the news? I doubt you have.

A recent report tells us that Cortez Baker, 16, Randolph Jones, 16, and Kentrelle Aldridge, 16, were charged with several counts of robbery and assault. More charges are likely to be come.

Surveillance tape shows the criminals beating and robbing at least 4 different people in the Queen City’s downtown section. It is likely that there were more, too.

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But what is worse, Cincy police report that the scumbags told them that they thought it was a “game.” Captain Paul Broxterman told WLWT TV 5 News that you could “equate” this incident to “a pack of lions hunting down a wounded zebra.”

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An alert bike cop is credited with identifying one of the creeps and he led police to the other two. All are from Kelly Youth Services, a Cincinnati group home for troubled children.

One of the victims told reporters in Cincy that he tried to stay within view of a surveillance camera as the three beat and robbed him.

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Now, imagine how the media would be treating this story if it were three white kids hunting down black people “like a wounded zebra” and beating and robbing them. We would never hear the end of the story, would we?

Not likely. If it were the other way around race-wise we’d have a national media feeding frenzy with Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton flooding the river city with race-hustlers and opportunists. In fact, I’d bet this story would have replaced the Zimmerman story as the main news story…. if only it were whites attacking blacks. But since it was blacks attacking whites, we hear crickets in the media.

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What do you think? Would this be national news otherwise? And why do you think it has gone totally unnoticed outside Cincinnati?

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