Family Dog Shot & Killed By Off-Duty Cop In Front Of 12-Year-Old

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A 12-year-old watched his family’s beloved dog get shot to death by an off-duty cop in Houston, Texas.

Houston Police Officer Mark Condon was taking a walk with his wife, when he says the dog charged at them. “The dog charged us and attacked me, my wife and one of our dogs,” Condon said.

It was then that Condon shot the dog in its neck, killing it.

The dog’s name was Gunner, and he belonged to the Fitzhenry family. They described their family pet as a “big softie.”

According to the family’s 12-year-old boy, Dalton Fitzhenry, Gunner was not aggressive when he approached Condon and his wife. Dalton said his dog only wanted to play.

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The Fitzhenry family says losing Gunner was “like losing an older brother” for their children. 

12-year-old Dalton said Condon shot the dog right in the face. The boy said, “He just pulled it out, like, point-blank range and shot. Gunner didn’t have the chance to run.”

The boy screamed and cried as he watched his beloved pet get brutally shot.

Condon, however, sticks to his story that Gunner was being aggressive to the point where he felt threatened. “I have owned dogs and have been an animal lover my entire life,” he said. “The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt an animal, especially someone’s pet.”

The Fitzhenry family has filed a formal complaint for the incident. 

Supporting their story, neighbors say children around town often played with Gunner and he never was aggressive in the past. 

What an awful story. Imagine if someone shot your child’s dog right before his or her eyes. Despicable.

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