New Facebook Groups To “Kill George Zimmerman” As Thousands Threaten To Riot

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Massive race riots are anticipated if George Zimmerman walks free.

In addition to hundreds of racist, disturbing tweets, there are several Facebook pages dedicated to promoting the murder of George Zimmerman. One of those pages even urges riots if he is not found guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 9.57.14 AM

The page description for “RIOT for Trayvon” reads, “They don’t think we will tear this mutha fucka up! LIKE IF YOU READY TO RIDE! LETS FLEX OUR MUSCLE! WHAT, YOU SCARED?”

Another Facebook page is called “Kill george zimmerman bitch azz.” The group is closed, so the content is not viewable. One can only imagine what kind of comments are posted there.

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 10.00.13 AM

Another group is called “FUCK George Zimmerman.” The group administrator posted this on the groups wall: “FUCK GEORGE ZIMMERMAN , YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED !”

Death threats and racist hate comments are also plentiful on Twitter. Here are some of the more vile examples:

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.33.35 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.33.28 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.33.12 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.33.00 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.32.49 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.32.40 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.32.29 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.32.17 AM Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.32.04 AM

This is despicable and seriously frightening. There is no way this would be tolerated if the threats from whites were against a black man.

The social media sites are doing little to control the problem. Facebook has done nothing about the hate pages, yet they have no problem censoring other content.

Earlier in the week Facebook removed a post written by Todd Starnes of Fox News. The post said, “I’m about as politically incorrect as you can get. I’m wearing an NRA ball cap, eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, reading a Paula Deen cookbook and sipping a 20-ounce sweet tea while sitting in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair with the Gather Vocal Band singing ‘Jesus Saves’ on the stereo and a Gideon’s Bible in my pocket. Yes sir, I’m politically incorrect and happy as a june bug.”

It is not clear why that post should be removed, but the racist death threats and hate pages should not. Apparently Facebook operates under a double standard.

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