Video of Trayvon Martin Hosting “Fight Clubs”, Photos of Guns, And Marijuana

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Trayvon’s phone had a video of two men fighting, with the video maker (presumably Trayvon) laughing and sighing pleasurably in the background.

With every passing day in George Zimmerman’s trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, it becomes increasingly clear that this is a kangaroo trial, with the state of Florida looking for a predetermined outcome. That outcome, of course, is Zimmerman’s conviction. If Zimmerman isn’t sacrificed to the Gods of “Politically Correct” race relations, there’s the very real risk that race riots of the type last seen in Los Angeles 1992 following the Rodney King trial will break out in cities across the United States.

Florida’s need for a conviction may help explain why, during the pre-trial motion stage, the trial court judge refused to allow into evidence the contents of Trayvon Martin’s own cell phone. Martin’s phone contained photos, video, texts, and voicemails that push back directly against the race hustler’s attempt to sell him as an innocent 12-year-old victim of a violent “white Hispanic” racist, rather than being a tall, heavyset 17-year-old obsessed with guns, drugs, and violence.

The photos from Trayvon’s phone show a hand, perhaps his, hovering over a dirty mattress and holding a Smith & Wesson handgun with a clip:

Trayvon phone picture of gun in hand

There’s another photo of the same gun and clip, resting directly on the mattress:

Trayvon phone picture of gun on mattress

There are two pictures of marijuana plants:

Trayvon phone picture of pot plant Trayvon phone picture of pot plant 2

There were text messages on the phone which showed a very troubled youth.  In one, there’s a conversation about Trayvon’s suspension from school for fighting:

Trayvon texts about being suspended for fighting

Another text message conversation tells about Trayvon’s Mom kicking him out of the house and sending him to his father after police caught him being truant from school:

Trayvon texts about mom kicking him out after police caught him

There are two texts that Trayvon received (to which he did not reply), offering him a .22 revolver:

Trayvon gets offered a revolver

And, rather heartbreakingly, there is a text message from Trayvon’s father, urging him to be a good and respectful person to his dad’s “Lady”, and sending him much love:

Trayvon's father tells him to be a good person

The judge has also ruled out showing pictures of Trayvon showing that he is not the innocent that the race hustlers have sold to the public.  Instead, as this photo shows, he was <em>not</em> a nice person:

Trayvon giving the finger

The jury will not see any of these, all of which strongly support George Zimmerman’s claim that, rather than being an innocent youth going for a walk at night, Trayvon was a thug, who was driven by racial animus. Trayvon’s own phone is witness to the fact that he was into drugs, liked guns, cheered violence, and was already known to the police. When someone like that is sitting on top of you, punching you violently, pounding your head into the pavement, and threatening to kill you, you take him very, very seriously.

George Zimmerman did take Trayvon seriously.  That’s why Zimmerman is alive, and being persecuted by the State of Florida, while Trayvon Martin’s parents lost their son, a sweet little boy who had clearly turned to the dark side by the time he was a teenager.

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