Trayvon Martin Supporters Planning To Riot & Loot If Zimmerman Walks

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George Zimmerman’s trial for murdering Trayvon Martin is nothing more than a racial show trial. All of the prosecution’s evidence supports Zimmerman’s version of events, which is that Trayvon, aware that Zimmerman was keeping an eye on him, attacked him and started beating him brutally. Nevertheless, the prosecution is pushing forward with its case, even as the race hustlers make it clear that, if Zimmerman is freed, there will be blood in the streets.

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The success of the race hustler’s tactics is shown in the threats appearing on Twitter – threats of murder and riots, with loving references to the 1992 Rodney King riots that shattered the piece in Los Angeles. It’s quite obvious reading the tweets that the evidence is irrelevant.

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Those who are in thrall to the race hustlers in the media, the ones who took a Hispanic man’s act of self-defense against a violent, drugged-out hood and turned it into the story of a white man lynching a cute little boy, are out for blood. They’re making it clear that if George Zimmerman isn’t sacrificed to the God’s of race war, they will turn America’s streets into a battlefield.

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