Baseball Team Pressured To Cancel “Second Amendment Night”

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A minor league baseball team in Alabama, the Huntsville Stars, planned a “Second Amendment Night.” At the event, three weapons were going to be raffled off. Due to national criticism, however, the team cancelled the event.

The Southern League and Minor League Baseball headquarters told the Huntsville Stars to cancel the event, which was set to happen on Wednesday.

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Director of Media Relations Nicole Collins said, “Minor League Baseball advised us that it would be best if we didn’t hold the promotion. We’re just trying to protect the game.”

The event would have been sponsored by Larry’s Pistol and Pawn. There was going to be a raffle, and the winner would have received a free gun (if they met the legal criteria).

Local opinion on “Second Amendment Night” was divided, and the nation-wide reaction was overwhelming for the minor league team. “We didn’t expect this national attention,” said Collins.


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According to General Manager Buck Rogers, the Huntsville Stars only intended to celebrate American patriotism through the event.

He said, “One of the hot button issues right now is the Second Amendment that everybody’s running from. We’re not touching base on First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, abortion or any of that type of stuff. A lot of stuff makes people uncomfortable. Maybe it’s time Americans basically said, ‘Hey, what’s going on? What’s wrong with this?’ Day in and day out, people’s rights are being taken away. The government is spying. We’ve got phone companies selling our information – the whole nine yards.”

Even though the event is canceled, the Huntsville Stars will still be giving away free copies of the Declaration of Independence and host a fireworks show.

“We just want to come out here and have fun and play the game,” Collins said.

Still, a lot of local residents have expressed outrage over the “politically correct” decision to cancel the original Second Amendment event.

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