Public Official Says She Wants To Hire Someone “Non White”

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Racism is defined as discrimination based on the color of skin. Why then, is racism only called out when non-whites are the victims?

Kim Ratliff, a County Commissioner in Mecklenburg Country, North Carolina, said she wants to hire a “non-white” county manager.

Imagine, for a moment, if somebody said they wanted to hire a “non-black” employee — they would be ripped by the mainstream media and ostracized from society. But the media isn’t interested in Ratliff’s comment, because whites can’t be victims of racism… Right?

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Ratliff made the comment last friday while speaking about the departure of Harry Jones, the longtime county manager. Ratliff had obvious issues with Jones’ performance in the position. She said, “There were some people the manager was not talking to. There were county commissioners who were not talking to the manager.”

She elaborated on her ideal candidate, saying she wants “someone who is diverse – hopefully someone outside of North Carolina would be ideal for me. A non-white male who can good working relations with all people.”

After her comments got some local attention, she tried to explain herself, but never apologized for what she said.

“I wasn’t saying for white men not to apply,” Ratliff said. “What I was saying was we had a white male county manager. We had a black male. It’s a given those two genders and races will apply. I’m saying to the ladies of every race – take a chance at it.”

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She continued, “Maybe I could have used a better choice of words. But I’m saying everyone apply. The most qualified will be selected. I would like for it to be a woman. If it is not, I’ll still support the person whether it’s white man, black man, or whoever.”

Does she regret her initial comment?

“Not at all. I mean – true – some residents may have taken it the wrong way. But I said what I said.”

Lol. The hypocrisy is laughable.

Kristin TateWritten by Kristin Tate. 

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