Donald Trump: NSA Whistleblower Snowden Should Be “Assassinated”

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Donald Trump reminds me of my 3-year-old niece. He’s makes a lot of loud noise, but you don’t really listen.

On Fox News, Trump said that Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, is a “spy” and said he should be “executed” immediately.

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In an interview on Fox and Friends, Trump smugly said, “You know, spies in the old days used to be executed.”

“This guy is becoming a hero in some circles,” he continued. “Now, I will say, with the passage of time, even people that were sort of liking him and were trying to go on his side are maybe dropping out…”

“We have to get him back and we have to get him back fast. It could take months or it could take years, and that would be pathetic,” Trump noted.


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Then Trump blatantly advocated that Snowden be assassinated.

“This guy’s a bad guy and, you know, there’s still a thing called execution. You really have to take a strong… You have thousands of people with access to material like this. We’re not going to have a country any longer.”

Lol. Apparently Trump doesn’t realize that his own reasoning is exactly why Snowden leaked the NSA material to the press in the first place — he did not want to live in a country that treats its citizens like suspects and spies on them.

Trump said journalists who covered the story are “disgraceful,” and that newspapers should not have printed the details.

Good grief, someone send this man a copy of the Bill of Rights (and a new hair piece) IMMEDIATELY!

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