Conservative Video Criticizing Michael Moore Gets Banned From YouTube

Share This Story is holding a film contest called Operation Paul Revere. One entrant to the contest had their YouTube channel shut down “due to a legal complaint,” filed by an unknown person. The entrant, Telly Blackwood of Off the Hook TV, has also experienced bizarre harassment over the phone.

Blackwood said, “After I sent [Infowars] e-mails last night… my gmail was frozen now today, my Youtube account was suspended due to legal complaint and 2 of my Gmail accounts are gone.”

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The drastic (and seemingly unfair) measures taken by Google may have something to do with the video content of Blackwood’s submission to the Operation Paul Revere contest. His video was called “George Washington’s Revenge,” and depicted George Washington sending an agent into the future to retrieve some contemporary constitutional traitors: CNN’s Piers Morgan and filmmaker Michael Moore.

The video’s description read, “They soon realize the Constitution is not a joke for they are facing a Revolutionary water-boarding experience they will never forget.”

“George Washington’s Revenge” went viral and even received national media attention from outlets like the Sacramento Bee… Then it was removed. InfoWar’s Alex Jones thinks the force behind the video’s removal is none other than Michael Moore.

The video entry showed actors playing Piers and Moran being tortured by “bong water boarding.” (Lol — clever.)


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Before the video was removed, it had half a million views.

In addition to deleting Blackwood’s YouTube, Google also shut down two of his Gmail accounts. This forced him to lose all his company’s contacts and past nine years of work correspondance. Even more bizarre: his Twitter followers somehow magically plummeted from 58,000 down to 1,800.

If you think all of this is strange, here is the creepiest part: Blackwood has also received strange harassment over the phone. On Tuesday, an unidentified caller told him something like, “Now who has the last laugh.” He has also received a text message from an unknown phone number that said, “Keep up the good work and we can take it all away from you.”

Moore may have been involved with the video’s removal in response to Infowars highlighting his angered response to “George Washington’s Revenge.” He called the comedy group “assholes” and “juvenile delinquents.”

“George Washington’s Revenge” is still available on Vimeo.

Although Blackwood’s video was just a comedic piece intended to get some chuckles, Google and Twitter seem to be acting together to attempt to ruin his career. Could Michael Moore be behind all of this? What do you think is going on? Let us know your thoughts below.

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