AR-15s Dramatically Drop In Price – Great Time To Buy

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During Congress’s recent debate over gun control, gun enthusiasts around the country rushed to purchase AR-15s. Many people were maxing out their credit cards to get their hands on the rifle, on fears that it would soon be banned.

If you were one of those folks, you may soon regret spending so much money on the firearm — the market for the AR-15 has bottomed out.

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Currently, the average price of an AR-15 is $800-$1,000. That’s way down from the gun’s all-time high value of $2,500.

During the gun control scare, the entire available stock of guns was cleared, which forced manufacturers to ramp up to meet demand. But now that the AR-15 bubble has burst, things are looking bleak for manufacturers.



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To the delight of most gun collectors, the supply of AR-15s is flowing again. Most dealers are beginning to discount the guns in order to clear them off the shelves. At this point, almost everyone who needed one of the rifles has found one — even if they had to empty their bank accounts to get it.

The low AR-15 prices are met with  Here’s a recent thread on a gun collector Facebook page:

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.38.20 AM

This is a great time to buy an AR-15. If you held out for lower prices during the gun control scare, you’re in luck.

There is still a problem, however. Once you buy your rifle, you may have trouble loading it. Ammunition is scarce, and stores have not lifted their “one box per person” limit yet.

Are you planning on purchasing an AR-15 now that prices are down? Let us know below.

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